How Do I Make a Ticket?

Something is broken! What do we do?

Well, depending on what it is you're dealing with, the solution can be pretty easy. First things first, take a visit to

You will have to create an account using your email, which is quick and easy. That way, we can communicate with you to make sure we have all the info we need to solve your problem. The form looks like this:

On the far left column, you will see Requester (your information), Assignee (don't worry about that), Type (question, incident, problem, task), Priority (Low, Normal, High, Urgent), Tags, Ticket Type (gives you a list of locations for your ticket), and whether the ticket is Support or Feedback. Be as specific as you can with these qualifiers. 

On the right, you have the opportunity to write about what happened using the Subject and Description. What DAW were you using? Were you running a session from the desktop or an external drive? Give us any and all details about the specific incident you encountered and what you tried doing to fix it. 

You may also attach a file if you took a screenshot or photo of the incident. 

After that, you submit it to us, and we will take a look and contact you once we get to work on your ticket. Please reply to all emails requesting more information promptly.