When Do I Make a Ticket?

Here are reasons why you should make a ticket:


IT Issues (computer malfunctions, software updates, library inconsistencies)

Facilities Issues (broken chairs, projector bulbs out, general issues)


Here are situations where it's probably best to tell someone immediately instead of making a ticket:


Emergencies (fire, health hazards, theft, etc)

Urgent Facilities Issues (toilets overflowing, water coolers leaking, live wires, etc)


Use your best judgement. Generally, tickets are a way for the Ops team to have a detailed record of an incident or troubleshooting situation where it can wait at least a few hours, vs a life and death scenario, or issue where the facilities may be extensively damaged. Also, making a ticket for a computer-related issue will guarantee we have record of it, whereas walking into the office and verbally telling us will lead to it being overlooked or forgotten.


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